May 7, 2010
My Turn: Kerry Tribe

Filmmaker Kerry Tribe takes the elusive nature of memory as her subject matter in work that investigates subjectivity and representation. Through carefully crafted footage and interviews she reveals the power and influence of film and video in shaping beliefs and perception. This evening, Tribe stages a performative reading of Hollis Frampton’s classic film, Critical Mass (1971).

The first part of the performance was a verbatim reenactment of an argument originally improvised for Frampton's Critical Mass. The second part was a reenacted reading of the finished film, complete with Frampton's highly stylized editing. For this performance, the role of Frankie was played by Reed Windle and the role of Barb was played by Jasmine Woods.

This performance contains language that may not be suitable for children.

My Turn invites artists to create programs for the Whitney’s public that are an extension of and informed by their own artistic processes and methods. Taking their contributions to 2010 as a point of departure, six Biennial artists explore key aspects of their practice to create distinctive evenings of performance, discussion, demonstration, and engagement.

From left Jasmine Woods, Reed Windle. Photograph by Tiffany Oelfke