Yayoi Kusama
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This audio guide features selected works from Yayoi Kusama and the artist's installation, Fireflies on the Water.

NARRATOR: In March of this year, Kusama celebrated her eighty-third birthday. She has been an enormously prolific artist. This exhibition has focused on her most intense moments of innovation. A much, much larger show might demonstrate how she deepened and broadened the visual language of the Infinity Nets and the Accumulations, how her environments have grown increasingly complex—both formally and philosophically. It would include her large-scale public sculpture. But Kusama’s art—which has always been about breaking boundaries—has now literally exceeded them, as her work continues to grow in her ninth decade.

Please be sure not to miss Kusama’s immersive environment from 2002, Fireflies on the Water. It’s in the Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Gallery, on the lobby level.

In conjunction with this exhibition, there are a number of projects by Kusama on view around the city. Check for information in the lobby, or look for details on whitney.org.

Thank you for joining me today.

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