Whitney Biennial 2017
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Jon Kessler: In Evolution these are well-to-do people who can mitigate the problem by building sea walls. Here there's a kind of a situation where they're surrounded by water. Water's up to their waist. The water is actually being created by a Bridget Riley painting that's being filmed live on video. And there's a certain amount of natural selection which has happened, and they've adapted to their environment. But they're also kind of oblivious to their environment. They're wearing VR goggles and they're not even really communicating with themselves or even aware.

Narrator: The woman in the sculpture is holding a model of a building designed by the late architect Zaha Hadid. It’s a luxury high rise that’s being built on the waterfront in Miami.

Jon Kessler: There's a weird situation where the countries that are the most responsible for the climate change are the ones who are building right on the coastlines and the ones who are sort of had nothing to blame, they have created no carbon emissions at all, they're the ones who are actually running from—so there's an incredible inequity which is present in the world right now. That piece is in some ways portraying that or highlighting that inequity.

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