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Mark Joshua Epstein: We are looking at a 1961 painting by Roy Lichtenstein called Bathroom

Student 1: It's kind of random, like most people in their house have a bathroom, and why would you paint it is my feeling.

Student 2: I think the object of this painting is just to show everyday, daily things that you see in life, and just to represent what their purpose is.

Student 3: Well, I'm wondering why there's a copyrighted sign on the bottom left corner.

Student 4: Well, it looks sort of like it was drawn in a cartoon style.

Mark Joshua Epstein: Roy Lichtenstein was a Pop artist, which meant that he was really inspired by things from popular culture. One of the reasons this might have a copyright sign on it is because it was taken from a brochure or some kind of advertisement about a bathroom. If you were going to create a work of art now and you were going to take inspiration from something in popular culture, what could it be?

Student 1: I think maybe a landscape, because in magazines and advertisements, you always see these beautiful landscapes.

Student 2: This might sound a little odd, but I'm kind of interested in facial hair. Maybe you can draw a picture of a mustache in a certain action.

Student 3: I would probably draw a plant or a flower because there's so many different variations, and they're very fun to draw.

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