Willa Nasatir
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Narrator: The center of Nasatir’s exhibition is an installation of six large photographs.

Willa Nasatir: They are scenes that I see as connecting to one another in some ways. For instance, there's a gridded floor of mirrors on all of those pieces, but the grid doesn't really line up. I think there's kind of a collapse of space when you look at them altogether that, to me is, reminiscent of the way that your spatial reality when you're dreaming shifts so abruptly. 

I like the way that in these photographs, I can make something appear as if it's descending into infinity, or when you use mirrors, I think that you show a space that doesn't exist in our living world, and so, to me it feels sort of like you're accessing a different world, space.

They go from green to blue.

There's a certain type of green that I wanted that I hadn't used in a photograph, it reminds me of the ways that the future was depicted in films in the 80s, kind of this neon, spooky green. Then it goes into a turquoise blue that feels very jazz-like to me. Those two pieces have a depiction of music in them, and that blue reminds me of that.

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