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Transcription: Factory Diary: Andy on Phone, 1978


Transcription: Factory Diary: Andy on Phone, 1978

Running Time: 22 mins

[film buzzing in background through entirety of film with digital sounds heard intermittently]

Andy Warhol: Uh-huh. 


Oh yeah, I’m—I’m looking at it now. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. [laughs]

Uh-huh. [sniffs]

Uh-huh. Oh yeah, no, Studio 54 is great because they, uh—it’s actually a television studio. And they have, you know, wonderful lights. The light person, I think his name is Fisher.

And yeah, it’s really great. We know Steve, that’s our best friend. So he would be a great person to do a segment with because he talks funny. I don’t know if you’ve seen quotes that he does, but they’re really funny and different. 

Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

[car horns in background]


Well, you know, we saw Caroline Kennedy a couple weeks ago and I thought she’d be the best person, you know, to be on with, because she’s turned into a really beautiful girl and she’s funny. Oh yeah, and she might really do it because she’s interested in [unintelligible] and everything like that.

No, no, that’s a good idea. The studio would be—both studios would be really good. 

Uh-huh. Oh yeah, like CBGB’s —that’s the new rock place. Yeah. That’s on, uh…in the Bowery. On Fourth Street and Bowery.

[car horns in background]

Well are there any other—yeah, there are so many new places, like the Store Club just opened. I haven’t been there but, you know, there’s one opening every day now. And new restaurants.

Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

Last night I saw the Dylan movie, did you see that? Oh, well—it was just a little too long. But, well—he was trying to do the things that I did, but, I don’t know, the music is so good that, I mean, it’s over everything. So you like it, you watch it, because you hear the music and it’s so good. 

Uh-huh…uh-huh...uh-huh. Uh-huh.


[film winding up]


Oh no, which one is that? Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Oh? Uh-huh. Oh. Uh-huh, uh-huh. Oh.

Oh, Dylan? No…well, he might now, if he wanted to do some publicity for his movie or something. But I don’t know if he would. Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

Oh yeah, I have it. Oh no, no, yeah, you took a lot of them off. Well I still like [unintelligible] I think she’s going to be a big star this year. Well I like Tatum O’Neal, and Bianca Jagger would be terrific. And then Trina would be good. Uh-huh. Yeah, and then maybe we can get Pelé. And Liza Minnelli with Halston might come on for a little bit or something. And then Holly Woodlawn is a really good comedian that nobody has ever done yet. She’s in England right now. And I’m sure Patti Smith would do something. And then [unintelligible] and Talking Heads and the [unintelligible] and Craig Russell—that’s a lot. You know what to pick from.

Uh-huh. Oh, well no, they’re okay, but Bianca wants to make it on her—you know. Bianca would be newer and better.

Well, she’s learning how to dance. I think she was just out in Hollywood and she got her pictures. She said they’re going to make the announcement soon. But she’s studying a lot of dancing—she’d be great doing a really good dance number. 

He could probably do it, the dance number, too. Tatem, uh…well I thought Tatem or Caroline Kennedy would be together or something. You know, we could do that, introducing the people. But yeah, yeah…oh yeah. Uh-huh.

Uh-huh. Oh yeah, Holly does really good comedy. Well no, everyone knows Sweeney’s—that’s sort of another place, I think it was one of the first places to start nightclubs again. And they really created lots of people. That’s where Edith Beale was—maybe she would be funny. You know, Jackie’s cousin? Edie Beale, the lady that lives in East Hampton, and Jackie Kennedy—she’s so good. She would be a good person to perform I think.

Uh-huh. Oh yeah, that would be a nice nightclub to show because it’s been around for a couple years, and a lot of new people start there. Oh yeah, she could do poetry or a rock number.

Oh, Craig Russell—was that that person that did the movie called Outrageous!? Maybe he would be really good. 

Vincent’s lights are going out. [laughs] Vincent’s lights are going out. Vincent is one of the producers.

But he has—he has different—well, [unintelligible mumbling], we’ll see what everything looks like.

Oh yeah, no, we haven’t done that yet. We just got the little Polaroid movie camera that you can shoot and develops in a few minutes. That’s something nice to work with. Oh yeah. Oh yes, that would be really great. 

Uh-huh. Oh yeah, that’d be great. Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

Well, let me think. Vincent, what are some new places around town? I forget.

Vincent: Porcupine?

Andy Warhol: Yeah. What’s that one up where Mick Jagger had his party? 

Vincent: Tracks?

Andy Warhol: Oh, there’s a place called Tracks. Yeah. It sounds good. The name sounds good. And then there’s New York, New York at Discotheque, but I don’t think we’d do that if we did Studio 54. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Yeah.

Doing it in a taxi would be great. That’s a great idea. Oh yeah—interviewing somebody. That’s a great idea. Uh-huh. Interviewing somebody in bed. And what else…


[car horn]

Uh-huh. Oh yeah, that’d be great.


Uh-huh. Oh yeah. Uh-huh. Oh yeah, that’d be great. Yeah. You know who’s great who would be terrific in the program, and maybe an interview, would be—Margaret Trudeau. Margaret Trudeau? Yeah, because she’s going to be on our next cover. We just interviewed her and she’s one of our best friends and she’s trying to get into the movie business. So I think right now she would be [unintelligible] a little bit.

Well, yeah—one movie, she just finished. In Canada. So she’s been offered another movie with somebody here. And [unintelligible] really liked her a lot, wanted her for something, but she turned it down. Oh yeah, I mean, she’s the most intelligent person I’ve ever met, and she talks a lot, and her interviews are really good.

And Peter Beard. Do you remember last cover? 

[phone rings]

Peter was on our last cover. He’s—do you know Peter at all? Or know about him? He’s a photographer and he was dating, I guess, Caroline and [unintelligible] and he has beautiful girls around all the time. 

Uh, let’s see… Can we think of any more people Vincent? 

Vincent: [unintelligible]  

Andy Warhol: Oh yeah, maybe she would do something. Oh yeah, that might be great.

Vincent: [unintelligible]  

Andy Warhol: No, they were going to bring it down.

Vincent: [unintelligible] One’s twenty-two by twenty-four inches…[unintelligible]  

Andy Warhol: Um…no, I just think it should be entertainment mostly, with people they haven’t seen on television before. Yeah, and you know, Halston is opening up his new offices and they’re just so fantastic. Halston. With the Olympic Towers, and it’s overlooking St. Patrick’s Church, and it’s so beautiful—it would be a great place to do a—