Frank Stella:
A Retrospective

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This audio guide features a selection of Frank Stella's works in Frank Stella: A Retrospective with commentary by Stella himself, along with scholars, writers, artists, and curators.

Welcome to Frank Stella: A Retrospective. Stella came to New York as a young man in 1958. Since then he has gone from Minimalism to an expansive form of expressionism, making thousands of works over almost sixty years.

The artist has worked closely with the exhibition’s curators to select and install his own work. The exhibition, which begins in the room on the left, proceeds roughly chronologically—and demonstrates Stella’s overall shift from symmetry and geometry to almost explosive energy. But there are instances where early and late works appear together, showing continuities between different stages of his career.

On this guide, we’ll be looking closely at a selection of works, focusing on Stella’s approach to line, shape, color, and space. We’ll hear from Stella himself, as well as scholars, writers, artists, and the retrospective’s curators. Michael Auping, Chief Curator of the Museum of Modern Art of Fort Worth, organized the exhibition in association with the Whitney’s Alice Pratt Brown Director, Adam Weinberg.

Please enjoy your visit.

Frank Stella (b.1936), _K.144_, 2013. ABS RPT with stainless steel, 80 x 97 x 53 in. (203.2 x 246.4 x 134.6 cm). Collection Martin Z. Margulies. © 2015 Frank Stella/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York