Whitney Biennial 2017

Solo en Inglès

Welcome to the 2017 Whitney Biennial! A Biennial is an art exhibition that takes place every two years—usually! It’s actually been three years since our last Biennial, because we had to take some time off to move into this new building. But the purpose of the show is still the same. We want to share some of the most exciting new art being made today. 

Take your time in the exhibition! There’s a lot here that you might think is cool or beautiful from the moment you see it. But many works are more about ideas. You’ll probably like those better the more you think about them. As you go through the show, you’ll also notice that the art expresses a really wide range of feeling—and that many artists are responding to what’s going on in the world around them.

This audio program contains a selection of audio messages chosen for families to listen to together. It focuses on works of art that will be especially interesting for kids between the ages of eight to twelve. The recorded messages are exactly the same as the one in the main program, we’ve just chosen the ones we think you’ll like best. 

Oh! And if you hear octopus sounds, make sure you ask the person working in that area of the exhibition about them! 

Thanks, and enjoy the exhibition!