Jay DeFeo: A Retrospective
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This audio guide features commentary by artist Jay DeFeo, Dana Miller, curator of the permanent collection, Whitney Museum of American Art, Leah Levy, Director, The Jay DeFeo Trust, Corey Keller, associate curator of photography, San Francisco  Museum of Modern Art, Greil Marcus, writer and critic, Ursula Cipa, and Fred Martin, friends of DeFeo.

NARRATOR: DeFeo and a number of her fellow artists were fascinated by mountain climbing. 

DANA MILLER: There were several very well-publicized ascents of Everest and K2 in the mid-50s that were incredibly romantic—these explorers and challenges that they faced. They were completely fascinated and reading all of the newspaper accounts and the books about them. I think they were inspired by the risk-taking and the high stakes of those kinds of adventures, and took that to be a metaphor.

NARRATOR: For DeFeo and her contemporaries, these tales were inspiration for their own creative adventures on an epic scale.

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